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ODIs was turning into a curse in Test matches. QLD 211, wA (3 ov) 3/1, day 1 - West Aust trail by 208 runs. Rohit, sharma has 21 fifty-plus scores in T20I.
R Sharma's wicket taken by Left Arm Bowlers in T20 analysis are lbw 1 wickets, bowled 2 wickets, stumped 2 wickets, catch 12 wickets. R Sharma has 3 T20 centuries, 19 T20 half centuries and 10 times 30 and 9 times 20 T20 runs. Medallion icon rohit sharma t20 record indicates milestone records. Rohit got to his 21st icc t20 ranking batsman rohit sharma t20 record half-century with a pristine knock on a two-paced.
He had become a one-day monster who rohit sharma t20 record developed a habit started his ODI innings in a slow and steady manner, but could really lay into any bowling attack once he was. Rohit, sharma played 77, t20 matches and scored 2384 runs in 74 Innings.

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With an extended home season, Rohit continued to get chances in rohit sharma t20 record Tests and showed vast improvement in his technique, playing closer to his body and preventing his ODI game to amalgamate with his more air-tight Test technique. The generally fickle selectors, surprisingly, continued to back him. Most runs in an innings (progressive record holder) (264) 27th Most runs in a series (648) 8th Most runs in a calendar year (1490) 1st Most runs in an innings (by batting position) (264) 7th rohit sharma t20 record Most.
Rohit, at long last, earned the oh-so-desirable India Test cap t20 world cup 2022 schedule against West Indies in the first Test at the Eden Gardens in his fabled 'predecessor's' farewell series. Rohit Sharma's wicket taken by Right Arm Bowlers in T20 analysis are lbw 4 wickets, bowled 9 wickets, stumped 1 wickets, catch 34 wickets. This is his first T20 World Cup as the Indian captain. Here are the few.
R Sharma's delivered 30 balls (with 0 Maiden over) and took 2 wickets 0 times 3 wickets 0 times, 5 wickets 0 times, 8 wickets 0 times, 10 wickets 0 times. By, rishi Roy, as of 6th January 2018. T20 records held by him.
1 Right Handed and 0 Left Handed batsman out by Rohit Sharma in T20. He was ind vs sa t20 picked after his 209 for the South Africa tour in late 2013 and looked technically inept in seaming conditions, committing to the line of the ball too early and playing as if it were a true wicket. Rohit Sharma Took 0 Wickets (In 5 T20 innings) with Strike Rate of and Average. 5 Most 50 plus scores:.