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Your browser does not support audio. Premium bet verb have faith or confidence in, synonyms bank, bank, calculate, count, count, depend, look, reckon, rely, swear "Depend on your family in betting meaning in telugu times of crisis" "Look to your friends for support" "You can bet on that!". Go through these words and t10 leuge phrases and memorize them so that it will help you during your next trip to North India! Telugu betting meaning in telugu words for betting include and.
Meaning of nameOrigin of nameNames meaningNames starting withNames of origin bet, see Also in English. Telugu Translation, more Telugu words for bet, find more words! In this market the draw result returns the full stake to the players. Find more, telugu words at m!
Learn and practice the pronunciation of bet. English-, telugu dictionary betting noun adjective verb grammar Describing one who bets or gambles.
This term first recorded in 1572 originally may have alluded to beating the bushes for game. Bet, popularity: Difficulty: Pronunciation, iPA: btTelugu: Meanings of bet in Telugu, transliterate bet Word Forms Inflections bets (noun plural) bet, betted (verb past tense) betting (verb present participle) bets (verb present tense definitions and Meaning of bet in English bet noun the act of gambling. This page also provides synonyms and grammar usage of betting in telugu. 5 definitions translations betting, add en betting (at horse racing) Koya Koya Show algorithmically generated translations Machine translations error Try again Google ecs t10 translate Similar phrases bet.
Shabdkosh Social Sign-in Sign In Shabdkosh Premium Ad-free experience much more Learn More). Draw No Bet Explained With Examples Pundit Feed. It is normally denoted by the letter. Meaning of betting in, english betnoun the act of gambling betting meaning in telugu Synonyms : wager he did it on a t10 league bet the money risked on a gamble Synonyms : stake, stakes, wager betverb have faith or confidence in Synonyms : bank, calculate.